Decipher the magic show that turns a piece of paper into an egg right in front of everyone's eyes

The magic show made a strong impression on viewers because it was a performance that could be performed right in front of the audience and from a close distance.

In Britain’s Got Talent 2019 season 13 season 6, young magician Ben Hart surprised hundreds of live audience members when a small piece of paper turned into a raw egg, despite all The onlookers watched intently without taking their eyes off them.

So what is the secret of this magic trick, let’s find out the trick that Ben Hart used to conquer the judges and the audience.

Decipher the magic show that turns a piece of paper into an egg right in front of everyone's eyes

Actually there is no magic to turn a piece of paper into an egg but some tricks have been used, first the magician needs to prepare a real egg, a thin eggshell (created by taking the egg). real eggs soaked in vinegar).

To get this thin shell, you need to punch a small hole in the ends of the egg and blow all the white and red inside. Next, soak the eggshells in vinegar, leave for a period of about 5 hours and then remove the outer shell to get a thin inner shell.

Before the performance, the magician will ask the audience to write whatever they want on the piece of paper, but in fact, whatever it is, the magician will choose the piece of paper (prepared by the magician himself). ) has the word ‘egg’ (English: egg).

Here, the magician has pre-glued this piece of paper on the fan so that when taking the fan out and opening it quickly, the magician will turn the face with this sticker to himself so that people can’t see it, then pretend pretend to use the glass upside down as if it had just been caught in the air.

When Judge Simon was asked to read aloud the name of the object written, the magician would take back the piece of paper and act as if he was placing it on a fan but in fact quickly put the eggshell in the palm of his hand and swapped it with the piece. small paper.

He will quickly flick the fan so that the eggshell continuously oscillates up and down until it is as round as a real egg. Here the audience will not be able to detect the fake egg shell turning into a fake egg because it is constantly moving when he flips the fan.

He ended up using a small magic trick called Palm to hold another real egg in his hand and substitute it for the fake eggshell, then show everyone the raw egg and break it to his surprise. everyone is like magic is happening.

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