Artificial gills make it possible for people to breathe underwater

So if in the future, when the Earth is submerged in sea water, we don’t need to worry too much anymore.

If you had a super power, what would you choose? In addition to flying and controlling things by thinking, breathing underwater is also one of the powers chosen by many people. You can go to the beach with Neptune Aquaman or the mermaid Ariel, and even if the Earth heats up, sea levels rise and people are forced to live in the ocean, you don’t have to worry.

Artificial gills make it possible for people to breathe underwater
I’m about to have the opportunity to interact with these two characters.

Therefore, a student at the Royal College of Arts in England designed a suit called Amphibio to realize this human dream. According to Jun Kamei – materials scientist and also the creator of this artificial fin, the idea of it comes from a future scenario, the Earth can be submerged in water, and this shirt will be a lifesaver. wings for humans.

“A vision prompted us to live more like amphibians, and I set out to design wearable Amphibio,” said Kamei.

Artificial gills make it possible for people to breathe underwater
Amphibio – artificial personal wear.

According to climatologists, the worldwide temperature will increase by 3.2 degrees Celsius by 2100. This will be a huge threat to people living in cities, coastal plains and has the potential to affect up to 2 billion people – or 26% of the world’s population at the moment.

The idea for Amphibio came from water spiders and insects that have super hydrophobic skin, which allows them to capture and trap air bubbles on the surface of the skin. This suit is 3D printed with polymer material with a two-part structure consisting of a gill and a respirator that acts as an artificial gill. Its effect is to help the user breathe underwater.

Artificial gills make it possible for people to breathe underwater

Kamei has successfully built the first prototype of Amphibio, which can extract oxygen from water and release carbon dioxide back – demonstrating the potential of this particular suit. Microscopic pores in the material allow air to pass through, but prevent any water from entering it.

Unfortunately, due to the large demand for oxygen, the amount of oxygen that Amphibio secretes is not enough to sustain human respiration. In order for us to be able to breathe underwater longer, Kamei needed to create a gill with a surface of at least 32 square meters.

How Amphibio’s gill suit works.

The application of this suit could be used in underwater rescue cases – like the case of a Thai teenage football team trapped in a cave. The process of getting the 12 boys out took many weeks because transporting bulky diving equipment in narrow passages and winding tunnels is very complicated, if this artificial personal gill is successfully developed, about approx. The above time will be greatly shortened.

This technology has only stopped at a prototype product, but has not been tested with humans, so perhaps our wish still has to wait a while to be realized. But don’t worry, Kamei says it’s the next step in his plan.