9 surprising things about durian not everyone knows

Durian is a special fruit and is the king of fruits. Because durian fruit is a fruit used to “seduce” beauties, the smell of durian fruit is really the smell of socks after GYM… Those are the “difficult” facts about durians.

Not for its superior nutrition or good looks, durian is still the king of fruits . The reason why a “delicious and delicious” fruit like durian can become the king of fruits is because, according to legend, this is the fruit that the ancient king used to conquer beauty.

9 surprising things about durian not everyone knows

Many people describe durian with horrible words, others go crazy for the scent of this fruit. The controversy surrounding the taste of durian among haters and lovers has never ended.

In 1856, naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace described the smell of durian as resembling onion sauce, sherry mixed with other dishes. Meanwhile, famous chef Anthony Bourdain likened the breath after eating durian to smell like “French kissing the dead”.

There are many people who say that durian is difficult to smell, and you can imagine countless comparisons about the smell of this fruit. But more accurately, it’s the smell of socks after going to the gym .

There is no solid scientific evidence for this association. Some people experience heartburn and bloating after eating durian due to its high fiber and carbohydrate content. This condition can be aggravated by drinking alcohol.

According to Oriental medicine, alcohol is hot. When drinking alcohol with durian is also hot, these effects are further enhanced and can upset the body’s yin and yang balance.

This condition can aggravate existing conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, and pose serious health risks.

9 surprising things about durian not everyone knows

The content of vitamin B6 in durian is very high, this is an agent that helps stimulate the production of serotonin to help prevent depression naturally .

Some studies have shown that when serotonin levels decrease or are disturbed, you will fall into a state of depression. Therefore, you can maintain serotonin stability by regularly eating durian.

Falling durian can be very dangerous, but fortunately this fruit also has “kindness “, often falling at night.

9 surprising things about durian not everyone knows

Therefore, you do not need to worry too much when entering an orchard during the day. But at night it’s a different story.

This is partly true – according to Eastern medicine, salt water is said to be a good detoxifier and heat agent. It can moderate the unwanted effects of eating durian. However, there is no need to drink from the durian rind.

To know exactly how dangerous durian is, you can refer to the prohibition sign in front of the elevator in some Asian countries such as Singapore and Japan. Durian is banned like atomic bombs, fire and cigarettes.

9 surprising things about durian not everyone knows

The amount of potassium in durian will be extremely dangerous for patients with kidney failure. Because when the amount of potassium in the blood exceeds 6.5mmol/l, it will cause arrhythmia and lead to sudden cardiac arrest, which can cause sudden death.

Therefore, people with kidney failure should not eat durian.

9 surprising things about durian not everyone knows

The amount of sugar in durian is quite high, besides it is a hot food, if pregnant women eat durian, it can cause bloating, indigestion, hot flashes due to increased blood pressure. This will be harmful to the unborn baby.

The nature of durian is a hot food, so if you are suffering from acne, or have a rash or a sore mouth, you should stay away from durian or your skin will be extremely pathetic.

Besides, it also causes heat in the mouth, making you hot inside.

Up to now, people have recorded about 30 varieties of durian in the world. This fruit originated in Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo but is widely appearing in other countries such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand… Among these, Thailand is the largest durian producer and There are more varieties of durian than the “homeland” of the fruit king.