25 interesting facts about the USD

90% of USD has traces of cocaine, a person with 10 USD in wallet and no debt is considered richer than 25% of Americans…. are interesting facts about this coin.

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1. There are trillion worldwide. If divided equally among the population, each person would have at least ,000.

25 interesting facts about the USD

2. 90% of US money has traces of cocaine.

3. The US debt is 10 times the total value of money in circulation.

4. 66% of US cash is located abroad.

25 interesting facts about the USD

5. If reducing 1 cent on each bill paid in USD, after 30 years, the US will save about 4.4 billion USD.

6. The amount of money printed for the game “billionaire chess” is many times higher than for real money.

7. If you have in your wallet and no debt, you’re 25% richer than Americans.

8. The US government had to spend 2.4 cents to make the 1 cent coin.

25 interesting facts about the USD

9. Donor blood is sold on open exchanges and it creates an industry worth .5 billion a year.

10. The most expensive thing ever built is the international space station, with a price tag of 0 billion.

11. R&R legend Bob Marley’s last words were “Money can’t buy life”.

12. McDonald’s revenue is about million per day, while Apple makes 0,000 per minute.

13. 19 of the 20 richest women in the world inherited money from their husbands or fathers.

25 interesting facts about the USD

14. In 2005, Americans spent about billion on jeans, and they spent about .4 billion on pets in 2011.

15. Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar is so rich that every year he is bitten by rats for up to billion in his warehouse. When fleeing the government’s arrest, this tycoon burned $ 1.6 million to warm his daughter and $ 2 million to cook.

16 . Serial numbers on US coins include not only numbers but also letters. This is the letter code of the 12 federal reserve banks.

17 . The ink on the dollar is a high-tech ink, with traceability, magnetism and double refraction.

18 . The U.S. Mint usually shreds defective coins before recycling. This is to eliminate the need for armed escorts.

19 . The blue ribbon on the new dollar contains thousands of microscopic lenses. This is what makes the Liberty bell icon look like it’s moving.

20 . The first American coin was made entirely of copper. Currently, 95% of the ingredients that make them are zinc.

25 interesting facts about the USD
It takes 60 tons of pressure to print ink on fabric on a dollar.

21 . It takes 60 tons of pressure to print ink on fabric on a dollar. It is this that makes the quality of the US dollar superior to other currencies in the world.

22 . Each color has its own characteristics. Accordingly, the dollar is chosen green because it is resistant to discoloration, peeling or fading.

23 . The quality of counterfeit dollars is sometimes very good. Many cases of counterfeit money are discovered because they are more perfect than real money.

24 . In the past, sailors on oceanic ships used to kill time by pounding the wall of a coin with a spoon, then cutting out the middle to form rings for their loved ones.

25 . The dollar is not made from paper but from fabric. In the days of Ben Franklin, people repaired tons of torn cash with needles and threads.