18 weird facts about Germany

Germany is famous for being a country with an old and outdated morality, a country that seems to have stepped out of the pages of a book, but still exists a lot of weird things.

Honestly, the gears don’t always match. Because it turns out, there’s a lot of weird and wacky stuff going on at the borders of Vaterland. Here are 16 eye-opening facts about this old Germany.

18 weird facts about Germany
Germany is not the only country, but also Australia and the Czech Republic have similar traditions.

Schultüte, a tradition of the 1800s, children receive toys when they start school to celebrate “a serious life”.

Starting back to work after a break is a bit overwhelming for workers in Germany. These days are not only for children, but sometimes we also come across video games or phones in the cones. In fact, Germany is not the only country, but also Australia and the Czech Republic have similar traditions.

18 weird facts about Germany
In Germany, from 14 you can drink beer and wine if you have the guardianship of a parent.

In general, the German law on drunkenness is very lax. In fact, at the age of 14, you can already have a beer or a sip of wine “in the guardian’s company”. This means, just have a parent, as long as it’s not the janitor in the Billy Madison movie.

18 weird facts about Germany
Colleges in Germany are completely free.

Just a few months ago, Lower Saxony was the last state to ditch public university tuition. Now even international students can get their degrees for free. But you still have to pay for your red Solo glass yourself.

According to German law, a person’s gender must be indicated by name. Therefore, the civil registry office, or the Standesamt (the department of justice in Germany), can refuse the name without complying. The name redo procedure can be a very expensive process, which is why many parents choose traditional names like Michael and Maria. Basically, Frank Zappa will never be able to have children in Germany.

18 weird facts about Germany
In Germany, prostitution is the oldest profession within the law.

Back in 2002, Germany declared prostitution the world’s oldest profession within the law, paving the way for everything from brothels to in-car sex services in partitioned quarters. .

You know, except for the church and the brothel, everything is closed on Sundays. Don’t expect to go grocery shopping or finish shopping on the day off. On the other hand, don’t think you can stay at home and renovate your home, even drilling a wall on a Sunday is illegal. Therefore, your frame has to wait until the second day to be hung on the wall. Sundays are just for fun.

18 weird facts about Germany
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has a Barbie doll of her own.

To celebrate Mattel’s 50th anniversary, the company came up with the concept of a model of the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, a sporty, practical hairstyle, fit for power and features to start with. . But unfortunately, her mate, Joachim Sauer, doesn’t have the same look as Ken. Maybe it’s because “Joachim and Angela” doesn’t sound very good compared to “Ken and Barbie”.

In Germany, a subsidy covering the expenses of a person with a disability is paid for having sex. So not only is prostitution legal, but it’s also part of your welfare check. Some even offer certification training for sex workers “certification of eligibility and support to have sex”.

18 weird facts about Germany
Celebrating someone’s early birthday means bad luck in Germany.

There is a saying that the Germans think quite nicely – “You shouldn’t pray until nightfall” . It means you shouldn’t be too sure about something until it happens, because according to them if you do, then it won’t happen. So wishing someone a happy birthday early means that they won’t have a birthday, or more specifically, they will die.

After the Fukushima incident, government representative Angela Merkel announced that it would close all nuclear power plants by 2022. Instead, Germany pledged to develop a renewable energy sector. A decade from now, there will be kids watching The Simpsons and wondering what kind of places people whose minds are undeveloped?

18 weird facts about Germany
Roadside vending machines where prostitutes have to buy a ticket to work.

Cities in Bonn have set up roadside vending machines where prostitutes have to buy a ticket to work. Without this ticket, they could be fined or banned by the police.

If someone asks you, “Do you want a drink?” and you answer “Danke” (“Thank you” – German ) then it means “No thanks”. But if you say “Bitte” (“Please” – German) it means yes.

In short, saying ” Thank you” means no and “Please” means yes. Good luck with your intentions to flirt with someone.

18 weird facts about Germany
Fanta cake is very easy to make and also very delicious.

Remember that orange soda at the birthday party? These are basically made from cocaine crumbs for 8 years? In Germany it is a special ingredient of a popular dessert called Fantakuchen . Translated as Fanta cake , it is very easy to make and also very delicious.

Never think about letting any air flow into your home. This is a fairly common belief in Vaterland, where the fresh air coming through an open window can bring illnesses such as joint pain or the flu.

But it is still one step behind the Korean dogma of death by fans.

18 weird facts about Germany
In Germany, “rotten fingers” are extremely taboo.

“Rotten finger” is an extremely taboo thing. Another driver may even denounce your license if they see you greeting them with a finger, resulting in a police invitation and of course a fine.

This is a British joke from the 60s that airs on New Year’s Eve every New Year around the country. It is actually the most frequently repeated TV show, despite not showing in the UK (where it’s ironic) or the US.

18 weird facts about Germany
If you just want to order 1 cup, 1 serving of food, you can give it a thumbs up.

Unlike other countries, when you give a thumbs up, it’s a sign of agreement or to let someone know they did a great job Number one.

Then in Germany, thumbs up represents the number 1. If you are at a restaurant, cafe or shopping and you want to signal to order only 1 cup, 1 serving of food, you need to raise your thumb instead. index finger. If you want to order 2 servings, instead of using your index finger and middle finger, you will have to use your thumb and index finger.

FKK is a world-famous German acronym that means “free body culture”. Beaches with these signs are where visitors can freely take off their clothes without fear of being disturbed or embarrassed.